Tienoo mobile application

Immerse yourself in nature!

Tienoo is a handy guide and your way to connect with the great outdoors. Explore your surroundings and help develop Finland’s forests.


Tienoo is a free pocket guide, which allows you to enjoy your journey even when you are in places where the mobile network signal is not accessible. Tienoo will be tested this summer in Ruunaa Hiking Area near Lieksa, North Karelia. This site is owned and managed by Metsähallitus. Download the application to your mobile phone easily and you will get all the information that you will need for your stay. The map will show you all you need to know about the trails and recreational facilities in the area while in the information section you will find information such as the leisure activities. Also, most uniquely, through participating in the game and using the direct feedback function you can have your voice heard and become involved in the future development of Ruunaa.


Tienoo leads you to your desired destination with an interactive map that shows your location as well as the routes in the area. You can check where the closest fire place is, or even have a look at where the fishing areas are and where you can smoke what you catch. You can also zoom in and out to be able to plan your trip and find sights and paths easily.


The information section has detailed explanations on everything from the flora and fauna and local history of the forests to the attractions, services and leisure activities available. You can directly contact the service providers and get your adventures planned quickly. The most recent Ruunaa news and weather forecasts will also be available at your fingertips.


Take part in the design and management of the Ruunaa National Hiking Area and let your voice be heard! Tienoo is also a participatory planning tool for collecting visitors' opinions related to forest planning. To make sure that Metsähallitus can make decisions which will enhance the visitor experience in the future, it is vital that we hear your thoughts. To make this a bit more fun we have built a treasure hunt which you can find and follow and if you find all the items you can pick up a prize from Ruunaa Visitor Center. In addition, you can provide geo-located feedback anywhere in Ruunaa relating to any aspect of your experience and we encourage you to take and upload as many photos as you wish!